HazelHearts is not just a game; it’s an educational adventure and a gateway into a world of web3, sustainability, and community. Step into a pixelated paradise where every decision you make has a ripple effect, influencing both your virtual farm and a real-world hazelnut farm. As you cultivate your virtual farmland, so grows your understanding of smart farming practices and your stake in an actual hazelnut farm.

Farm, grow, trade, compete – become a master farmer. Feel the tangible impact of your efforts – in-game and beyond.


Join Hazel Hearts by completing Quest #1 and embark on your hazelnut farming adventure. Once you complete the challenge and earn your NFT, you will get access to start managing your virtual farm, grow crops, and interact with other players. When you play more you earn Hazel Hearts tokens to purchase resources and upgrade your farm.

The more you play, the more rewards you earn, resulting in ownership of a share of a real-world hazelnut farm through your HazelHeartsDAO membership. Your ownership is verified on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and security.

Great things come to those who play! Annual Hazelnut Harvests result in real profits between the HazelHeartsDAO and the members, building value in the equity you earn.


HazelHearts is an upcoming multiplayer simulation game based on web3 technology where you can farm hazelnuts. Engage in quests, oversee your resources, connect with fellow players, and exchange HazelHearts tokens to enhance both your virtual and real-world farm.

Farming and Tree Growth: Plant and nurture your hazelnut trees.

Resource Management: Strategically manage your resources.

Farm & Avatar Customization: Enhance your farm with NFTs.

AI Agent Architecture: Interact with dynamic elements.

Guilds and Community Building: Collaborate on larger projects.

Player Reputation and Ranking: Earn your reputation by achieving milestones.

Educational Content and Farming Tricks: Learn about sustainable farming.

see how many hazelnuts you can catch in 30 seconds

Claim Your [HHS1HC] NFT

QUEST #1 - You earn something every time you learn something? Read up on Hazelnuts and complete the quiz you will be eligible to mint a unique NFTs from our Genesis HazelHearts Season 1 Harvest Collection [HHS1HC] This will earn you the status of an OG in the Hazel Hearts community and gives you a chance to take a seat as one a member in the Hazel Hearts DAO. The first 200 can be minted for free after which time we will be selling the remainder will be sold on a bonded curve. Claim your free NFT today by completing Quest #1 and taking our quiz below. Don't forget, the early squirrel gets the nuts!

About Us

HazelHearts is a living, evolving project. We embarked on our journey in December 2022 and have been continuously developing and growing the game since. Each iteration is an exciting chapter in the HazelHearts story, and we're thrilled to have you with us on this journey. The HazelHearts team is driven by passion for the environment, sustainable agriculture, and innovative technology. Our mission is simple: To provide a fun, educational platform that blends gaming with real-world farming practices. Through HazelHearts, we aspire to link virtual farming with actual hazelnut farms. Join us and make a tangible impact!

Building in Public

HazelHearts is currently in development and incubated the San Francisco based through the Nights & Weekends program. Here is a recap from the projects founders on the latest developments on the project and game. You can also test our mini-game available to play at

Community Member Spotlight Ft The OG - Munchy the Squirrel 選荔

QUEST #1 - learn about hazelnuts & earn an NFT



Hazelnuts have a long history dating back thousands of years and are native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere

Common Hazel was one of the first temperate shrubs to grow after the retreat of the ice sheets, began being used for food, medicine, and as a source of oil and fuel.

The Romans were particularly fond of hazelnuts and introduced them to other parts of Europe becoming a gift to newlyweds as a sign of abundance and fertility.

Health Benefits

Hazelnuts contain antioxidants & flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects helping protect the body against free radicals.

They are a good source of heart healthy mono-saturated fats. All parts of the tree & bush are used in traditional medicine to treat skin conditions, digestive issues and respiratory problems.

Pharma drug ‘Taxol’ known as the most effective anti-cancer drugs available on the market is made with taxanes which is found in shells and leaves of hazelnuts.


Hazelnut is hardy high-value crop that can survive adverse growing conditions.Hazelnut trees can live for up to 50 years. Hazelnut bushes typically live for about 20 years.

Traditionally hazelnuts are harvested by shaking the branches and then collecting the hazelnuts from the ground or from the branches. Hazelnuts can be processed using specialized equipment consisting of drying, gauging and cracking machines.

The country of Georgia has a perfect climate, soil and Hazelnut farming conditions also the only place in the world where you can publicly register the land title of a farm on the blockchain


The global hazelnut market is worth around 9.2B USD separatedinto a variety of products shelled, raw, blanched, roasted, candied, pasted as butter and processed into oil with shells and leaves used in medicine

80% of hazelnuts are sold on the global market in shelled form, 20% are sold unshelled, and a small percentage is sold in candied form.

The global hazelnut industry produces 1.5 million tonnes of hazelnuts annually. Georgia is the fourth largest exporter of shelled hazelnuts in the world, Turkey, Italy and Azerbaijan

take our quiz & claim your [HHs1HC] nft

start your HAZELHEARTS journey



Q3 2023


-Complete Game Design Document establish MVP Criteria

-Game Art Direction & Mechanics

-Dev Environment & Iteration Feedback Loop Setup

-Tokenomics Modelling

-Smart Contract Development & Testing


-Quest #1 for Genesis Mint [HHS1HC] NFT #1 to #200

-Free Mini-games

-Updates via Discord, Twitter & TikTok 

Sustainable Farming:

-Secure HazelHeart Farm #1

-Harvest Nuts

Q4 2023


-Game Development Cycles &Alpha Testing

-Game Assets Design

-Token Economy Simulation

-Smart Contract Audits


-Quest #2 Claim [HHS1HC] NFT,

-Full-Time Community Moderator

-Monthly Twitter Spaces

Sustainable Farming:

-Partnerships with Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association

-European Commission grant application to help engage & educate the next generation of Hazelnut Farmers in Georgia

Q1 2024


-Advanced Game Development with AI Agent Architecture & Unity Sentis Integration.

-Conduct Closed Beta Testing on MVP & Iterate Mechanics & Game Assets.

-Audit the Token Economy.

-Test Smart Contract on the Polygon/ETH Testnet.

-Integrate etherscan with exonum property records


-Unveil Quest #3 for Community Expansion with [HHS1HC] NFTs.

-Introduce a Beta Testing & Early Gamer Rewards Program.

-Engage gamers with Discord Mini-Game Challenges, Polls, and Regular Updates.

Sustainable Farming:

-Produce engaging video content with local micro-growers.

-Lay the groundwork for a Hazelnut Farmers Co-op in Georgia

Q2-Q4 2024


-Launch the first chapter of our game, “HazelHearts: Seeds of Change”.

-Open an In-game Marketplace and introduced the HH Token.

-Migrated our Smart Contract & Token to Polygon & ETH mainnets.

-Integrate Aragon for DAO Tooling, SAFE Public On-chain Treasury, Chainlink ICCP Integration with Chainlink node to exonum


-Present Quest #4 for Further Community Expansion through [HHS2HC].

-Launch a Comprehensive Gamer Rewards Program.

-Initiate the Hazel Heart DAO Membership Signup.

Sustainable Farming:

-Global Release of Video Series on Sustainable Hazelnut Farming in Georgia, supported by the European Commission Grant.

-Inaugurate the pioneering members of the Hazelnut Farmer Co-Op in Georgia.

-Acquire HazelHearts Farm #2, complete with a hazelnut processing facility, following community guidelines.



HazelHearts is a unique blend of real-world investment and immersive multiplayer gaming. It's a hazelnut farming simulation that allows you to earn ownership of a share of a real-world hazelnut farm, verified on the blockchain.

The original squirrels behind this Hazel Hearts is Yuliia & Zeshan, a married couple from Ukraine & Canada who have built multiple brands in the sustainable natural products niche. Yuliia is a plant based medicine experts who's hobby is botanical illustrations. Zeshan is a blockchain consultant who launched a player/fan initiative that was built inside of Outlier Ventures / HBAR Foundation accelerator. Yuliia & Zeshan joined @_builderspace through their Nights & Weekends program to grow the Hazel Hearts DAO using best practices of global web3 community of builders. They reside in the charming city of Tblisi, Georgia for the past 3 years You follow their thoughts, musings & adventures on Exploration & Discovery or you can follow their dogs Bagheera & Oreo on TikTok

The first step in your HazelHearts journey is joining our community. Engage with other players, complete quests, and level up in the game. As you progress, you'll learn about hazelnut farming, sustainability, and how to effectively manage your resources.

Upon earning enough HazelHearts tokens, you'll have the chance to become part of our DAO, granting you ownership in a real-world hazelnut farm and equity in our hazelnut brand.

The goal is to play, earn, and collect. The more you play, the more rewards you earn, leading to ownership of a share of a real-world hazelnut farm. All future profits are split equally between the Hazel Hearts DAO and you.

HazelHearts tokens are a form of in-game currency that you can earn by completing quests, managing your resources effectively, and participating in the game's community. These tokens can be used to expand your farm, purchase upgrades, and participate in the in-game marketplace.
You can earn HazelHearts tokens by participating in the game's various activities. This includes planting and cultivating hazelnut trees, completing quests, participating in competitions, and interacting with other players. The game's economy is designed to promote player engagement and sustainable growth.

HazelHearts is built around different game mechanics, including land expansion, tree growth, upgrades, and breeding, as well as dynamic quests and competitions. Players are encouraged to strategically manage their resources and in-game activities to optimize their token earnings.

You can participate in the HazelHearts community by interacting with other players, joining guilds, and participating in community projects. The game also has a built-in chat feature that allows you to communicate with other players in real-time.

The HazelHearts DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that you become part of once you earn enough Hazel Hearts tokens. This grants you ownership in a real-world hazelnut farm.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HazelHearts is used to interact with dynamic elements in the game. The in-game AI in HazelHearts is based on Generative Agent Architecture (GAA). It enhances the gameplay and provides a more immersive experience. Specifically Generative agents represent wildlife, weather, and other farmers in the game world. They adapt to players' farming practices and can provide valuable resources or information. They also initiate cooperative learning quests that require players to work together to achieve a common goal.

If you need support while playing HazelHearts, you can reach out to our customer support team. We're here to ensure a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. You can email us at

HazelHearts is powered by phaser javascript game library and ethereum based smart contracts which interact with the blockchain relying on Polygon (Matic) to keep fees low. This also ensures transparency and security in the game. It's also used to verify your ownership of a share of a real-world hazelnut farm. The aim is for the game to be accessible through browsers.

The HazelHearts token economy is designed to maintain a healthy balance between token supply and demand. Tokens are distributed across various game mechanics, and deflationary factors are accounted for. Players can earn tokens through gameplay and spend them on resources, farm upgrades, and NFT customizations. The sale of NFTs on a bonded curve spurs the game economy and provides an opportunity for players to receive their starting share in the game.

HazelHearts combines smart farming practices with a multiplayer approach and a connected web3 and token economy. Key features include dynamic quests & competitions, collaborative & educational gameplay, a token economy, engaging quests, and farming and tree growth mechanics. Generative agents, representing wildlife, weather, and other farmers, create a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

The user journey in HazelHearts begins with account creation and a tutorial that introduces the game's background story and objectives. Players then engage in various activities such as planting and cultivating hazelnut trees, completing quests, participating in competitions, and interacting with other players. As players progress, they can earn HazelHearts tokens, upgrade their farms, and participate in the game's community.

The in-game AI in HazelHearts is based on Generative Agent Architecture (GAA). Generative agents represent wildlife, weather, and other farmers in the game world. These agents adapt to players' farming practices and can provide valuable resources or information. They also initiate quests and competitions, pushing players to optimize their strategies and improve their skills in sustainable farming.

HazelHearts has a dynamic token economy centered around the HazelHearts (HH) token. Players can earn these tokens through various in-game activities. The game's economy is meticulously designed to ensure player engagement and sustainable growth, with token rewards distributed across different game mechanics. This approach ensures a balance between token supply and demand, promoting long-term player retention.

HazelHearts prioritizes player engagement by:

  • Frequently updating the game and introducing new content.
  • Motivating players to share their in-game achievements on social platforms.
  • Implementing feedback mechanisms for game design improvements.
  • Providing opportunities for players to contribute to real-world environmental or hazelnut farming initiatives.

HazelHearts emphasizes user privacy, adhering to strict data protection standards. All personal information is encrypted, and blockchain transactions are anonymized to ensure user confidentiality.